Hazelwood Healthcare, an Opioid Treatment Program in Franklin, NC.

We are accepting individuals for treatment!

Our OPIOID TREATMENT PROGRAM in Franklin, North Carolina is now OPEN! The office is located at 3271 Georgia Road in Franklin, our main number is (828) 595-9000. Please call or walk in to meet us for more information about our program. We can often accommodate admissions for walk-ins at this point. In our Franklin office we offer both methadone and buprenorphine treatment combined with education, individual and group counseling delivered by a multidisciplinary team. Buprenorphine treatment in our Franklin office can be delivered both through the opioid treatment program and through an Office based (OBOT) model, based on clinical needs.

The Buprenorphine (Suboxone) Clinic we offer in our Waynesville clinic is office-based opioid treatment (OBOT) and currently held on Wednesday’s. Individuals are seen by appointment and obtain the treatment medication by prescription, which can then be filled at a local pharmacy. Initial evaluations and treatment admissions can be scheduled on other days to facilitate prompt access to care.

Our approach to care holds two values foremost – offering medically sound interventions in a practice setting that is truly Recovery-Oriented, not just in word but in action. We will offer our knowledge in the science of addiction treatment as you bring your expertise on your life, your experience, your beliefs and goals. Then we’ll partner with you in making a plan of care that makes the most sense for you as an individual.

We have learned and witnessed how important connection and community can be in helping people reach their recovery goals. We’ll encourage you to develop a network of support which could include family members, significant others, friends and caregivers, who can also support you and your recovery. We can offer support and education to those close to you.

At Hazelwood Healthcare, we understand that opioid addiction can happen to anyone. We want to offer hope – there are treatments that help people recover and live a meaningful life.  We see it happen every day.